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Individual and Couples Therapist

Divorce Coach, Parenting Plan Mediator, Teen/Adult Child Specialist

An area of focus in my work is separating & divorcing families. I work as a Divorce Coach, Parenting Plan Specialist/Mediator, Teen and Adult Child Specialist during the divorce process. I help couples craft a Parenting Plan, covering all legal aspects at least, when the couple is ready to dedicate time to this portion of their divorce and at later stages in the re-organized family if adaptations are needed. Many families/couples want to put their own well-being and their children's front and center during the divorce. However, its is really difficult given the changes, challenges and stressors placed on the family during this time. There are divorce pathways that promote low conflict between spouses/parents and are just as binding as if going through the courts or litigation. There are also communication skills that can reduce conflict, especially if you describe your partner as 'difficult'. There are out of court options, private options and ways forward that support everyone's well-being. If you are scared of what the future will bring, describe your partner as difficult or have had a really challenging marriage, we may be a good fit.


I see parents & children where circumstances are particularly challenging either during the divorce or after. If you are looking for things to get better for yourself and your children, you may find my approach useful. In this role, I would be a co-parent counselor or therapist for parent-child contact problems.

As a couples or individual therapist, I look through the lens of our history and relationships to get under the surface of our symptoms. I connect clients to various resources as needs unfold as well as provide concrete coping skills. Many of us were wounded in childhood, but few of us have had the opportunity to work through the challenges life presented then or now. The therapeutic work often has different layers to it over time often starting at crisis management and moving into processing the past, reclaiming lost parts of ourselves or gaining access to cut off emotions. Those I work with will want a compassionate guide to gain insight and understanding into their lives and relationships for the purpose of more fully enjoying those very things.


Psychology Today

Since beginning my therapy practice, I have used Psychology Today as a resource for myself and clients. It is reliable and user friendly, providing at least 50 different sort functions to help you find what you are looking for.


Mosten Guthrie Academy


Mosten Guthrie Academy


Los Angeles Collaborative Family Law Association


Mosten Guthrie Academy


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