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A Guide for Talking to Your Kids About Separating/Divorcing

One thing I love about doing collaborative divorce work is... you guessed it -- collaborating! I work with psychologists, attorneys, financials, child specialists and other mental health professionals which means sharing information and perspectives to deepen our divorce understanding and work.

I am excited to present to you a 3 part blog that developed from that type of collaborative effort with other divorce professionals -- it was not touched by one iota of AI!

Thank you to Sharon Clark, Ph.D., Jane Eular, Esq. and Cinda Jones, CFP, CDFA for your insights and inspiration for this blog series.

You can find an introduction to talking to your kids about your divorce here, Part 1:

Part 2 addresses HOW to tell your kids about the divorce:

And Part 3 provides the dos and don'ts of WHAT to tell your kids:

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