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Celebrity Divorce Announcements - There is Something You Should Know About Divorce

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

As Gina Cherelus notes in her article “Everyone’s Breaking Up, but Nobody’s Bitter: What’s Going On,” a

number of celebrity divorce announcements are tending towards optimism over dread, a smoothly paved path forward for the family rather than a rocky road.

I was interviewed by Gina for this article and asked if, frankly, this optimism was well placed or simply blowing smoke for PR purposes.

On one hand, looking from the outside, we can never really know how a divorce went. Like a house, the outside can actually reflect the inside or be a facade covering a decayed interior.

On the other hand, I do know many, many couples who have gone a route which supports and even strengthens family communication skills and ties through the divorce process. Maybe we can thank these celebrities for bringing to our attention that even when we reach a low point in our relationship or family, there is still hope that the couple or family can rebuild something better in its place.

That is absolutely the case for families who go the route of a collaborative divorce. It’s impossible to have an easy divorce, but you can certainly have a good divorce. You need professionals who are trained to work collaboratively, a skilled team to add support to the most important aspects of your family: finances, mental health, the kids’ well-being, parenting and meaningful parenting time.

If you are wondering:

Can I get through this separation and divorce without so many scars at the end? Can our family get through this with our relationships intact rather than in pieces?

Then you will enjoy this California site that provides an abundance of blogs and short videos about Collaborative Divorce:

You can also take advantage of this free workshop on Divorce Options presented virtually many times a month. You can visit this site and reserve your spot:

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If you I’ve outside of the state of California, I am happy to connect you to Collaborative Divorce groups in your state. Just email me the state in which you live.

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