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City of Santa Clara Proclamation Granted to Melissa Lenon

Divorce will affect approximately 57,000 citizens of Santa Clara given the number of married couples in Santa Clara today.

There is a growing awareness that litigation and acrimony go together - yet these are often parents who are connected for life! It is time to focus on families and provide pathways through divorce without court involvement and with an eye on the children's and individual's well-being.

Collaborative Divorce California provides free Divorce Options Workshops monthly to help steer families to the divorce course that will best suit themselves and their family. It also provides a divorce pathway called 'Collaborative Divorce' that reduces conflict and protects family relationship while getting the job of divorce done.

Tuesday, March 5, the City of Santa Clara will proclaim Divorce With Respect Week. The Mayor will introduce the DWRW Declaration and I will be invited to the podium to speak for 2-3 minutes as well as take a photo with the mayor and City Council.

A big thank you to the City of Santa Clara Council and Mayor for recognizing Divorce With Respect Week and the importance to couples and families of alternatives

to litigation when untying the knot.

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