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Everybody's Breaking Up, but Nobody's Bitter: What's Going On?

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

By Gina Cherelus, The Third Wheel, New York Times

I was recently quoted in a NYT's article about trending divorce announcements - that there is an air of positivity emerging around these breakups - is it all hot air?

If celebrities are finding ways to untie the knot without all the ugliness, maybe there is something you should know about divorce pathways?

I was quoted:

Melissa Lenon, a therapist and divorce coach in Santa Clara, Calif., said this style of “reactive uncoupling,” with couples going to court in hopes of getting their “pound worth of flesh,” was what the public had come to expect.

There are times when the courtroom is the only option, but for people in the public eye, mediation or collaboration is helpful, according to Ms. Lenon. “You want control over the narrative, but also you want control over the result,” she said, “because that is what’s going to impact your life and also how you feel about the other person.”

If you have a paid New York Time's subscription, you can read the whole article:

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