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The End of Divorce With Respect Week 2024 But Not the End of Divorcing With Respect

This is my second year of co-chairing DWRW with Leslie Howell, JD, with a wonderful group of collaborative divorce professionals. When we began co-chairing DWRW, it was a statewide effort with a web site and some ad campaigns on Google and FB.

It is a delight to see the incredible growth since then as DWRW crosses state borders, splashes through multiple media outlets and sings through a multitude of collaborative divorce professionals as one voice. This voice calls for low-conflict, family centered pathways for couples and families to navigate divorce.

And this voice is resonating through the country as if there is a readiness for divorce with dignity, as if the country is thirsty for better divorce: divorces where men and women can maintain their dignity and the others'; a divorce that has better outcomes for families during and after; a divorce where that lifelong connection through kids can be friendly rather than fraught with tension.

DWRW 2024 is concluding, but divorcing with respect is ongoing. Here is a nice list of basics to get you on your way to a respectful divorce.

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