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Families forward. Child centered. Parents empowered.

In 2012, I attended my first mediation training on divorce and children. What happened to my children and my co-parenting relationship in the court setting made me determined to find a better path for kids and families going through separation and divorce. I went to Australia for Child Inclusive Mediation training because Australia was leading the world at the time for weaving the child's voice and developmental needs in a meaningful way into legal arrangements that directly affect the child. I continue to be determined and passionate about making divorce better for parents, kids, families.


$300/60 minute session

You and your family's path forward. Restructure your family in a way the reduces conflict, reduces stress and puts you and your co-parent in control of outcomes.

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$300/60 minute session

Whether your co-parent is easy-going or difficult, co-parent counseling can improve your co-parent relationship and bring your kids into focus during difficult decisions.

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$300/60 minute session

Does your child struggle with transitions from household to household? Or resist calls or time with you? Divorce conflict strains children and parent-child relationships. Reconnection therapy can be a positive path forward.

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Helping Hand



 minute session

As Divorce Coach and licensed therapist, I assist you in building communication skills, managing emotions, moderating reactions.  These skills contribute to productive communications both during the Collaborative Divorce and in the future.  Productive settlement discussions can shorten the divorce process and open the door to more quickly finding solutions that are acceptable to both of you, resulting in a more durable settlement.

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$300/60 minutes

As a licensed mental health provider, I have expertise and experience working with children and parents going through separation and divorce. The Child Specialist brings the voice of each child into the process and serves on the team as a neutral representative of each child’s needs and preferences in the divorce process. I work with teens and adults.

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Legal, Financial and Mental Health Divorce Professionals Dedicated to a Better Way for Couples, Families

Many family relationships can be put under tremendous stress before & during the divorce process. As a divorce coach, I work to protect your family’s long term relationships & to protect children from conflict. I will help you find peaceful, satisfying paths forward for your own well being, and your children's.

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